Thursday, October 2, 2014

Day 17 - Silver City to Mimbres

Today we have options.

Option 1: Carry our stuff.
Option 2: Have Mitch drive it to Mimbres and ride light.
Option 3: Long ride north toward the Gila Cliff dwellings 50 plus miles.
Option 4: Short ride via 180 and 152 to Mimbres a little over 20 miles.

I chose option 2 and 4 which made for a very easy day. There was still about 1800 ft of climbing, but it was nice to have what amounts to a second rest day.

The day started out cold again. We tore everything down and packed it up so that Mitch could leave by 7AM. Then some of us met at McDonald's for breakfast and to wait for warmer temperatures.

The ride took us by the Santa Rita open pit Copper mine. Which was interesting to see.

We got into camp fairly early. I met Ron and Alisha at a small Restaurant about a half mile from camp and had coffee and biscuits and gravy then rode on down to the camp site.

Ron is on deck to cook tonight. He disappeared for about 1/2 and hour checking out the options for gathering food. There are a couple of very small stores here but the pickings are kind of sparse. He came back reporting that the Restaurant where we ate agreed to stay open past 6:30 and make us a salad, green chili stew and chocolate cake for dessert for about $8 a head.


  1. My bike finally arrived back from San Diego today! I got it back together tonight. It wasn't in as many pieces as yours. But still cussed a little.

  2. Nice. Looking forward to seeing you in Austin. We have few miles to ride to get there, but we seem to be ticking along fairly well.