Saturday, September 13, 2014

San Diego Day 2

Thanks to one of my fellow cyclists, Phil from Indio CA, who drove down here with his wife, I was able to get a ride to the FedEx store to ship my bike case back home without having to haul it the mile or so on my bike.

After getting back I contacted my buddy Scott Hall, who I normally only know from posting on our company Chief Talk web site, but have met in the past. He took me out to lunch. Where we had Fish and Chips and had the guys at the table next to us take a picture. I believe it was called Island Prime. Not 100% on that. The restaurant was right on the water with a view of many sailboats and the USS Midway Aircraft carrier.

After lunch I got back in time to toss some laundry in with a load that Jim V. was doing. We shared expenses and he did all the work. I think I owe him a favor now.

While the laundry was going I took a bike ride. The Map is below. Started off visiting Dog Beach. And yes there were many canines at the beach having loads of fun. Some even brought their people with them to play.

I proceed to follow the bike path that we will be taking out of town for a couple of miles inland and then ditched it to head back toward the ocean. Not a particularly great bike path by Idaho standards, but was rideable.

I then rode back along a street kind of following my nose in an effort to make it to the Cabrillo National Monument. Which seemed like a nice destination to the south. 

Along the way I rode by Sunset Cliffs. Somewhat interesting by not particularly tall as cliffs go.

Eventually I was forced inland as routes along the shore disappeared. I eventually ran into a street call Hill St. It was very steep probably close to 20% in places. It wasn't horribly long but I worked pretty hard to get up the hill. At the top a short block or two brought me to the route that I needed to get to the Cabrillo Light House. 

You can see on the map that it is on the end of the peninsula.  Here is a picture of the light house.

I had to pay $3 to get in and while it has some historical interest, I wouldn't go out of my way to go back.

When I arrived back we now have a couple of new riders that have showed up Shelly, John and Hal. In the Picture from left to Right, Jim, Clint, John, Max, Hal, Ron, and Shelly. Hopefully, the spelling is right on the names. As you can see the collection of bikes is starting to get a bit large.

Tonight was BBQ night at the Hostel. $5 for a burger salad and the now famous brownies.

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