Monday, August 25, 2014

Bike in a box

This is my bike in the S&S bike box. This was a dry run test to make sure I could make it work. The bike racks went into my other bag. This allows me to check this as one of my 2 free checked bags as long as it is under 50 lbs. I think it came in at 46 lbs so I should be good.
Here is everything all closed up and ready to go.

Bike in shop for tune up.

I took my bike to the shop today for a final tune up before I leave. Should be back by Thursday. New handlebar tape, new chain and probably chain rings and cassette will be needed.

I'm already missing not riding to work. I'll probably get the Robaix out tomorrow and use it to ride to work.

It will be interesting to see how much speed difference that makes as I've been riding mostly fully loaded all year. It always takes me a bit to get used to the Robaix as it is so light it feels really twitchy when I ride. Plus the handlebars are quite a bit lower on it.

I'm planning on leaving my Windows Laptop at work and take my Mac Book Air home and leave it there instead of carrying them both back and forth to work as I usually do. I'll probably also switch to my camel back for carrying my work clothes.

This weekend and next week I'm planning on bumping my total miles up above 200. Possibly 250. That should put me in decent shape for the ride. The first 8 days we cover about 420 miles. Then a day off in Phoenix or Tempe, not sure which yet.

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Getting Ready

This year I've finally decided to do a cross country bicycle ride. I've always wanted to do this since I was in college. For many reasons, mostly time and money I've never been able to do this until now.

The ride starts in San Diego, CA on Sept 16th and ends in St. Augustine Fl. Nov 16th The following is an overview of the route courtesy of which organized the ride.

Hopefully I will have the strength to do the ride. I think it is going to be mostly a mental struggle, but there will be some physical challenges as well. I'm mostly worried about the second day since the first two days are climbing. After that things flatten out for awhile. Actually, what I'm most worried about is getting leg cramps. Which if I'm smart I should be able to mostly avoid.

After that I think the second week will be somewhat of a challenge because we start getting into some more serious climbing.

After the second week I expect that the physical challenges will start to even out as my body gets used to riding every day. But it looks like there are some challenging hills in West Texas.

After we hit Austin I'll probably start missing the mountains as it appears to be pretty much dead flat until the ocean.

I started this blog with the goal of providing updates of my progress.

Part of my goal it to provide maps of my progress.

Here is a map of ride I did over the weekend. Not much of interest. Just trying to figure out how to embed a map. This map is interactive so you can zoom in and out. But if you want a more detailed map click on the link below which will take you to the Map My Ride version which has other data, such as the elevation profile.

Less than 1 month until I leave. I'm starting to feel like I'm physically ready. This past week I rode 30+ miles every day instead of my normal 25. The above was a bit over 60 miles, mostly flat. But as is always the case before a long multiple day ride I never feel ready. I expect to have some pretty sore muscles by the end of the first week.