Friday, November 14, 2014

Day 57 - Greenville to Suwannee River State Park

Today we ride to Suwannee River State Park and camp. The night was nice sleeping in a good bed and a private room with it's own bath. I lucked out on that one. I would have gladly slept on the floor with my sleeping pad and bag to be inside where it was warm. The Grace Manor Inn was the place to stay in Greenville and I would say at least for me the best place we stayed on the whole trip.

In the morning I came downstairs and found coffee. Shelly was sitting in the sitting room drinking coffee. Several of us ultimately joined her before breakfast. The juxtaposition of our general daily routine and this particularly elegant location made for some quite interesting conversation.

Breakfast was equally good with a nice assortment of fruit and some sort of quiche.

The temperature was reasonable in the morning, but pretty cool. We have a relatively short ride today, just over 30 miles. Which for me is slightly annoying as I would like to be done with this ride so 30 miles seems like it should be combined with the next day which is only 54 miles or the previous day of 50 miles.

In any case the ride went quickly. We did have to stop to get groceries, less than halfway through the ride, but given the shortness of the day it was not an inconvenience.

I ended up with a bit of extra stuff in the cooler that I've been carrying and I ended up loading it a bit higher than normal. As I rode off I noticed that the back of my bike was wagging pretty hard. I guess that confirms that loading the weight low is a good thing to do.

We quickly arrived at the Suwannee River State Park which is a very pretty place.

Patty, Phil's wife has joined him for the rest of the ride. They had a cabin for the night which we took advantage of for our dinner. The cabins in this park are very nice.

Before dinner Mitch demonstrated how to build a beer can stove.

After dinner it was off to bed and hopefully a not too cold night.

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