Friday, September 5, 2014

One Grey, One Black

Picked up bike from shop. No charge on the repair. But the new crank is grey instead of black. I guess I'll have to start wearing mismatched socks now.

These guys always have treated me good.

Probably partly due to all the repairs I've had done and the two expensive bikes I've bought from them. But I've lost track of how many times they didn't charge me for a repair.

Often they get things replaced by the manufacturer.  A case in point are the Velocity NoBS wheels which are replacements for the prior 4 Velocity Cliffhanger wheels that had fatigue failures. 4 wheel failures in less than 8000 miles. The tires on the bike now have more miles on them than any of the prior 4 failed wheels.

I was averaging 2000 miles per wheel which probably translates into a wheel replacement somewhere in Texas. But I have confidence in these wheels.  I've got at least 1000 miles on them and they run as true as the day I got them.

I have new tires that will go on the bike when I put it together in San Diego.

Tomorrow I'll have to do a fully laden ride to see how things work and then maybe another on Sunday followed by packing the bike for the trip and another lazy week of driving to work.


  1. I went for a ride yesterday to check out the bike. I was fully loaded and took a 60 mile ride with about 3000ft of elevation gain. All in about 7 miles.

    The bike performed well and except for the very end I still had a gear in reserve. I have been somewhat concerned about the second day of the ride. The first day looks easy only 2000' and mostly very easy gradients. The second day has more like 3000' of climbing but it is early in the day so I think I'm ready.

  2. :-) How do you have a fatigue failure on a wheel like that? I was plagued with wheel problems on the one cross-country trip I took, but my wheels were crap compared to those. So how long did it take you to rack up 8000 miles?