Friday, September 12, 2014

In San Diego

Finally on my way. Airport security was nice in Spokane. Didn't have to take off my shoes or unpack my laptop. The cleats on my shoes didn't set off the metal detector either. Nice. Had just enough time to grab some coffee an breakfast. About $15. 

The approach to Las Vegas. Lake Mead out the window. Bought a $4 bottle of water in Las Vegas. There is something wrong when water costs more than gasoline.

Approaching San Diego. I think we will be riding somewhere down there on Tuesday. I'm pretty sure we saw Alpine out the window on the approach. I think I recognized part of the old highway 80 that we will be riding after we leave Alpine  on day 2. 

These mountains don't look very steep. But they are pretty arid.

Took a shuttle from the airport. Shared it with a couple heading out for a 2 week Disney cruise through the Panama Canal ending in Port Canaveral in Florida. Almost where we are heading, but a lot faster.

Arrived at Hostel here and found one of the riders Jim Vincent lounging in the shade. He was quite entertained by me putting my bike together.

Bike in box. Now to put it together. It took until around  4PM to get this all assembled. It went pretty much as expected. My tail light was broken. The clip broke off. I think the light still works. It was my own fault. I didn't detach it from the rear rack when I packed the rack.

The rest of the stuff. My duffel bag traveled better than I expected. I had visions of it being ripped with stuff falling out. But it came through with no damage so I was pleased. It was tough hauling 2 nearly 50 pound bags through the airport up an escalator and then back down to the taxi stand. I'm thinking maybe something with wheels next time.

Bike all back together. Box pretty much ready to ship back. About the time I took this picture another rider Clint showed up. He had been out getting some things together for his bike.

Rumor has it that there is a $5 spaghetti dinner here at the hostel. Jim say's he's planning on doing it.  Sounds good to me.

I asked around about a place to ship the box and was advised that there is a FedEx shipping location not far from here. I needed to take the bike out for a test run and decided I would scope out where that was. Turns out it is right next to the Performance Bike shop, which was still open. Only had to stop twice to adjust the rear brake. Good thing the front brake was working as I was going down a pretty steep hill. Probably about 10% gradient or so. By the time I got back I had exercised all the gears on the bike and work up a pretty good sweat. Seems like it is working well.

Purchased a new rear light and large box of chocolate cliff bars then rode back.

Now I remember what else I was supposed to get at the bike shop. Need some chain oil and something to clean the chain. Will have to stop back at the shop tomorrow after I drop off the bike box.

More of the riders showing up. It will take me some time to get all their names down.

Spaghetti dinner was good. Complete with salad, garlic toast, and brownies for dessert.

Planes fly over about every 5 minutes so it is a bit noisy here, but am already starting to get used to it. Very pleasant temperature here tonight. Sitting out on the patio, a group of young kids talking off to the left and Clint, Jim and I sitting around poking at electronic devices. Starting to fade. Will likely go to bed soon. Had to put my own sheets on the bed. But at $25 a night it is actually quite a nice place to stay.

All told it has been a good day. Lots of stuff could have gone wrong that didn't.

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