Saturday, November 15, 2014

Day 60 - Gainsville to Palatka

Today is another fairly easy 50 mile or so day. It starts with a ride on a bike trail and also has a bike path on a part of it later in the day.

We started the day with breakfast at Tom's place. He had made muffins the night before and we had toast coffee and fruit for breakfast. It was very good.

The bike path was a very pretty ride, although it was a bit winding with a lot of ups and downs at the start, but fairly soon it got onto what appeared to be an old railroad grade with long straight sections with very little in the way of ups and downs. Fairly quickly I got to Hawthorne where I started looking for a place to have some more to eat.

I found a small little restaurant and went in. After ordering an omelet and coffee John and his wife showed up as well as Shelly and her friend Debbie who stayed with us the night before.

At breakfast I took this picture of what we have left to ride. We are down to the last 3 map panels and after today just a bit more than 1 left.

After breakfast we took off, Hal showed up about the time we were ready to leave and led our small group off on the rest of the ride. After a while John passed me and eventually Hal dropped back.

Shelly and Debbie were behind me for awhile.

Later on John pulled ahead of me and I lost sight of him until I noticed his bike at a Subway. I went on and fairly soon was closing in on Palatka, where we are staying at a Sleep Inn for the night. 

No more camping for the rest of the trip!

I arrived at the Motel where Patty, Pnil's wife and Chris, John's wife, were already there. As I stood there chatting with them Phil, Jim, Max and John showed up. We checked in and I'm sharing a room with Jim again.

We are doing another load of laundry, hopefully for the last time on this trip. At least most of my stuff should be reasonably clean when I go home.

The plan is to meet for dinner at 6.

Only 1 ride left. Our current plan is to meet at our final lodging destination at about noon drop off our loads and then ride to the ocean to dip our wheels at about 12:30 tomorrow.

It has been a long time doing this. At times it seems like this is all we have ever done, but we will soon be going back to our regular lives.

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