Saturday, November 15, 2014

Day 59 - Ichetucknee Family Grocery/Campsites to Gainsville

Today we have about a 50 mile ride to Gainsville. We are staying with a warm showers host there. The instructions on getting there were fairly long so Mitch e-mailed them to us, but since I have no internet connection at the campground I don't have them. I do have a decent idea of the address though so hopefully that is enough.

The day started fairly cool, but not excessively so. The ride started on fairly quite roads with no shoulder and progressed to more busy roads with no shoulder. Finally we hit a somewhat better road with a good should and rode into High Springs where some of us stopped at a diner for breakfast.

It was good. They had a bunch of old posters on the wall. I found the "Did you wax before you ride" poster to be somewhat funny in the context of riding a bike.

The day continued with what is fairly typical scenery in this part of Florida.

We continued on into Gainsville where their street layout numbering system is very logical, but easy to get confused with since they number both streets and avenues ascending in both directions of a median. They numbers have the quadrant as a qualifier so you have numbers like SE 15th St and NE 15th St which are the same street not to be confused with SW 15th St and NW 15th St.

In any case once you figure out the system it makes sense, but it is easy to get confused if you are unfamiliar with it.

We eventually found our way to Tom's house where he had an excellent selection of local brews available and was in the midst of cooking cornbread for the chili that we were going to have for supper.

It was a pleasant afternoon and I was able to catch up with a couple of days on the blog while sitting at his dinning table.

His cat leo was quite entertaining and adept at getting outside where he was not supposed to be.

The location is in a wooded secluded area. Some of the group camped outside. I opted to sleep on the floor next to the fireplace where a nice warm fire was built just before going to bed. It was actually slightly warm most of the night, but by early morning the sleeping bag felt good.

It was one of our more pleasant stops.

We are only 2 more rides from the end!


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