Thursday, November 6, 2014

Day 46 - St. Francisville to Easleyville

Today we get back on the road again after a welcome couple of days off. It is a relatively short day, but a cold front has moved in from the north and it appears that we are in for some cooler weather.

We got started with breakfast at the motel and then off. It was pretty cool to start. By 11 it was still just barely 50 degrees out. 

The route was very pretty, although I didn't get any pictures. My excuse was that my hands were still cold and I kept my warm weather gear on, including gloves all day.

We rode by a few plantations and other nice homes along the ride. Most of the way there were trees which shaded the route and contributed to keeping things cool.

I stopped once to get some coffee in Norwood. Shortly after that I saw Hal sitting on the side of the road in the sun eating. I gave him a hard time about not sitting in the shade. After that I didn't see anyone until I got to the store in Easleyville where I saw Dick who informed me that the fried chicken was good. So I had a couple of piece of fried chicken and something to drink. While eating a couple more riders showed up.

Then I proceeded the short way to the camp and set up my tent. It was a pretty place to camp, but the toilet and shower were something less than desirable. Reports were that there wasn't hot water so I didn't take a shower.

I spent a little time laying in my tent which I had positioned in the sun. It was nice and warm there. I then remembered that I had been having some trouble with my chain during the day and took a look at it. I discovered that a link was coming apart so I ended up putting in a spare link, which was for a different width chain. I also found that one of my water bottle cages was failing so I ended up taking it off. I cleaned and oiled the chain and called it good.

We had dinner, which was good as always, and then off to bed where I wore a lot of my cold weather gear to bed. In my sleeping bag I was reasonably warm, but I had to get up several times in the night to use the bathroom. At one point the grass felt decidedly crunchy so I knew it had dropped below freezing.

In the morning it was clearly cold. 26 degrees according to the computer on my bike.

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