Monday, November 10, 2014

Day 54 - DeFuniak Springs to Florida Caverns State Park

Today is another fairly long day. Something over 60 miles.

I have been carrying the group cooler which we bought a few states back. Yesterday there were about 6 beers left over so I carried them to camp. At camp it was decided to purchase a 12 pack. About 8 of those survived the night, plus 2 from the day before. So I'm riding a bit heavier today. BTW aluminum cans are lighter than glass bottles.

I started the day by taking a ride around DeFuniak springs which is a circular route with a lot of historic old homes around it. Some were in a fair amount of disrepair.

The entire spring has a park around it and they had Christmas decorations up around the whole thing. It is probably something cool to look at at night. I only took this one picture. If you zoom in on the map you can see that I rode completely around the spring.

The day went along pretty well with very nice road surface and shoulder pretty much the whole way. In some of the towns where they have forced 4 lanes there isn't a shoulder, but the traffic is going slower there so isn't real bad.

We again need to haul groceries to camp so the plan is to meet in Marianna at the local Win Dixie at 2PM.

The day went along fairly quickly, it was overcast most of the day. When I rolled into Marianna I had time enough to stop for lunch and rolled into a McDonalds. Where to my surprise my friend from the day before Katy was eating lunch with several of the rest of our group.

They had invited her to camp with us for the night and she has accepted the invitation. After eating something I took a picture of her and her bike.

We then rode on to the Win Dixie where everyone had showed up. Here are part of the line of bikes out front waiting to haul groceries. We didn't really need all of them, but it was pretty cool seeing them all together in front of the store.

I made a point to tell everyone to not buy beer today as I didn't want to haul it another day.

After loading up with groceries we headed out to our camp about 4 or so miles north of town. It is in a pretty wooded area. I unfortunately, didn't take any pictures.

It seems a bit warmer, but I'm expecting a cool morning again tomorrow.

Mitch bought some firewood and we had a campfire. Another camper also gave us some firewood, which was quite a bit drier than what we bought. So we had a nice campfire for the evening.

An option was to go on a cave tour. A couple of the group did this, but didn't get back until well after dark. I kind of wish I had more time to do that, but when you roll into camp at 3 and it gets dark so early it is hard to do much.

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