Thursday, November 6, 2014

Day 50 - Dauphin Island to Pensacola

Today we go to Pensacola. It is another fairly long day mileage wise, but part of it is on a ferry.

The day started out with a ride on the ferry from Dauphin Island to Fort Morgan. The first ferry leaves at 8AM which we decided was the time we all wanted to go. As we boarded the ferry it looked like it was only going to be bikes, but at the last minute a pickup pulling a trailer boarded.

The ride was uneventful. We saw lots of birds and some dolphins as well as a number of oil rigs.

After getting on shore we took a quick tour of For Morgan and then started riding. The road was really nice with a smooth clean and wide shoulder. A few of us stopped at the Sassy Bass for breakfast. It was quite good.

We had a cross head wind most of the day but I made pretty good time. I crossed into Florida, less than 24 hours after entering Alabama.

As the day wore on it appeared that we might get some rain, which motivated me to keep going instead of stopping for lunch. I knew there was a DQ across the street from our destination based on an earlier look at Google maps so opted to keep going.

Along the way I saw the Blue Angels doing some practice runs for an air show this weekend. Later on I heard that Phil almost ran off the road watching them fly over upside down.

I mangage to take a couple of wrong turns today, but didn't end up with many extra miles.

I got to our destination and opted to eat at DQ before checking in.

We are staying at a nice Quality Inn for tonight and our rest day tomorrow.

My second order of business after a shower was getting laundry done. I washed pretty much everything, except what I needed to wear, and my rain pants, which I still have not used. I may still, but the weather is looking pretty good so maybe not.

They gave us a 2 for 1 drink coupon, which most of us took advantage of. Some of us ate dinner at the motel, which was quite nice.

Tomorrow I plan to spend some time catching up on the blog, which I've not had time to do for awhile.

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