Friday, November 14, 2014

Day 58 - Suwannee River State Park to Ichetucknee Family Grocery/Campsites

Today we go to Ichetucknee for the night and head a bit further south. The day is a fairly modest 58 miles more or less. However, there appear to be limited services along the way where a meal may be obtained.

The first part of the day we didn't even get back on to highway 90 which has been, at least for me, one of the nicest routes we have ridden. Instead we went to a farm road without a shoulder which while smooth, did have logging trucks, some power line maintenance and other things that made it less than ideal, but still a fairly quiet ride.

At the first major interesction I went about a quarter mile north to hit a convenience store and then got back on the road after having a bit of a snack and obtaining a Gator Aid for later in the day.

The road continued to twist and turn through what was sometimes what I like to call country slums. Where a number of obviously very poor people live.

When we turned south we went through a small town called Wellborn that had a nice little place called Bob's Butts BBQ, where most of us stopped for lunch. I had ribs, which were good. And by all reports everyone seemed to be quite pleased with the food. This was by far the best place on route all day to eat.

A bit later in the day we rode under some more power line work, which made me a bit nervous.

We eventually made it to the campground where we had 3 cabins reserved. I stuck my head into one of them, and the smell of stale cigarette smoke among other odors prompted me to put up my tent to sleep outside.

We had a recreation of the Hatch Green Chili burgers that we enjoyed at Sparky's in Hatch. They were very good and a close approximation of the real thing thanks to the efforts of Daryl, Dick and Sally and the availability of Patty to drive to the store.

A couple of people took a canoe trip while we were there which seemed like a good option. I decided against it because it didn't really seem warm enough to warrant a paddle on the water.

It was a pretty good day, but not particularly warm. It remained overcast all day.

Hopefully it won't be really cold tonight.

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