Monday, November 10, 2014

Day 55 - Florida Caverns State Park to Tallahassee

Today is another fairly long day. It looks to be well over 70 miles if we stay on route. However, it also looks like staying on 90 will save some miles and since it is now one of my favorite riding roads on this entire trip I'm thinking about doing that.

The morning dawned cold, but without wind. It seemed warmer in my tent than the night before, but the air temperature is lower. Less wind in the woods. Plus we also had a campfire in the morning to warm up at.

We packed up and then I left. The ride from the campsite out was long and very shady. The sun is shining, but very little of it was hitting the road. When I got to the exit there was a gate, which I couldn't figure out how to open, so I just laid my bike down and dragged it under. Other reported that the gate opened for them. Not sure what the trick was.

I rode to the point where I needed to make a decision about which way to go. There was a Burger King at that intersection so I opted to go inside and cogitate on the direction decision while eating something.

While inside I did a Google street view of the no 90 route. No shoulder at all on a narrow road that looked rough. I opted to stay on 90, which was also the choice of several other riders who I watched go by.

I spent some time talking with some guys in the Burger King, which appeared to be homeless. They were quite interesting and very knowledgeable about the local area.

I then proceeded on down the road. At the first pit stop I caught up with Phil, Jim, Max and John who were busy talking to a guy going the other way. I didn't talk to him much but it appeared that after crossing the US he was going to head south.

After a quick stop I headed on down the road fairly quickly getting to the point where the route got back on 90. At Chattahoochee we hit some pretty decent climbs. I thought Florida was flat.

The day went along nicely. When I got to Quincy I decided to stop at a McDonalds for something to eat. As I pulled in I noticed a bike, turns out it was Katy taking advantage of free WIFI to catch up on things.

I had lunch and talked with her a bit before moving on. We will likely see here again in St. Augustine as she will be flying home after we get there.

We discussed how much strangers have helped us on our rides. It seems like people for the most part are good and helpful. But for some reason many of the leaders we have, especially in the US are not. I think if more people in this country could see how silly we look to the rest of the world we would have a lot different results in our elections.

In any case I digress. The rest of the ride went smoothly. I made it into town with a total of just under 68 miles.

We are staying in the Sleep Inn tonight. I'm sharing a room with Jim tonight. Got a load of laundry done, shower, and we went to dinner at the Waffle House which was close. It was OK.

Katy has written on one of her homemade Panniers, "Today is a good day for a good day."

Today was a good day.

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